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Reproductive Services for Your Mare and Foal

Our Goal...a Healthy Foal! 

Valued Clients,

I would like to introduce a new website for the practice. It will have guidelines for vaccinating your horse as well as information on pregnant mares and new foals.

I plan to post new topics occasionally and the site has a foaling calculator.

Horses need good preventative care to help them stay healthy. Our practice sends reminder cards for vaccines so if you have not received one please call to confirm your address.

We offer routine equine health care as well as mare reproductive work including shipped semen. New foals are one of our favorite patients to examine. We do minor surgical procedures in the field including castrations.

We also offer 24 hour emergency services to regular clients. The practice has an x-ray machine as well as an ultrasound.

Our best asset is the practice assistant. This creates a safe comfortable environment for your horse’s visit with the veterinarian.
Mare and Foal
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